Selected Resources on Family Support

Source: The Arc, 500 E. Border St., S-300, Arlington, Texas 76010, (817) 261-6003 voice, (817) 277-0553 TDD. (Prices include shipping and handling)

A Family Handbook on Future Planning. (1991). Berkobien, R.
A step-by-step guide to help families develop a future plan for their sons or daughters with mental retardation. Designed to help families analyze the needs of their family members, organize and outline a plan best suited to these needs and locate qualified professionals and resources. $15. Call for bulk prices.

How to Provide for Their Future. (1989).
Suggestions for parents, guardians, attorneys and others concerned with meeting the lifetime financial needs of their child with mental retardation. $10.

Family Support: A Check for Quality. (1993).
A checklist for families to use to evaluate the quality of their family support services. Also useful to providers of services to evaluate their own programs. Also available in Spanish. Single copies free with SASE or $25 per 100.

The Arc's Q&As.
Question and answer sheets on various topics including: Introduction to Mental Retardation, Family Support, Respite, SSI and Social Security Benefits for Children, Social Security Benefits for Adults, Social Security Appeals, Siblings and other topics. Some Q&As available in Spanish. Single copies free with SASE or $13 per 100.

Apoyo a la Familia: Señal de calidad. por The Arc.
Un listado de 4 páginas escrito por miembros de familia y profesionales para ayudar a las personas a determinar si su familia está recibiendo apoyos de calidad. Incluye una definición de apoyo a la familia y sugerencias de cómo trabajar con los profesionales. 1993. Copias singulares son gratis. Envíe un sobre con su nombre y dirección y sello. $25 por 100 copias.

The Arc's Family Book. by The Arc.
A booklet for parents and families of children who have recently received a diagnosis of mental retardation. Gives guidance on how to obtain services and handle stress. Other helpful information. 1993. 1-9 copies, $5 ea.; 10-29 copies $4; over 29 copies, $3 ea.

Source: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., Inc., P.O Box 10624, Baltimore, Md. 21285-0624, 1-800-638-3775. (Shipping and handling paid by Brookes if order pre-paid, or $3.40 per book)

Building and Evaluating Family Support Initiatives. (1993). Dunst, C.T., Trivette, C.M., Starnes, A.L., Hamby, D.W., & Gordon, N.J.
A publication for professionals detailing an extensive national study of federal and local policies and practices for the families of persons with disabilities. $31.

Disability and the Family: A Guide to Decisions for Adulthood. (1989). Turnbull, H.R, et al.
Addresses future planning issues for parents of children with disabilities. Includes sections on mental competence, guardianship, financial planning, benefits, advocacy and decision-making. $29.

Life in the Community: Case Studies of Organizations Supporting People with Disabilities. (1991). Taylor, S.J., Bogdan, R., & Racino, J.A. (Eds.)
Includes chapters on family support, housing and community integration. $29.

Support for Caregiving Families: Enabling Positive Adaptation to Disability. (1989). Singer, G.H.S. & Irvin, L.K. (Eds.).
This book covers many family support issues and includes chapters by leaders in the field. Areas covered include: caregiving, stress and support, siblings, self-advocacy, community support, cash assistance and legislation. $39.

The Special Child: A Source Book for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities. (1988). Peuschel, S.M. et al. A comprehensive guide for parents who have learned that their child has a developmental disability. Chapters cover subjects like; dealing with professionals, the effects on marriage, specific disabilities and adaptive equipment. $22.

When a Parent is Mentally Retarded. (1990). Whitman, B.Y. & Accardo, P.J. (Eds.).
This book addresses issues of parenthood for people who have mental retardation. Chapters deal with issues of marriage, foster care and adoption, relationships and training. $24.

Source: Research and Training Center on Community Integration, Center on Human Policy, Syracuse University, 724 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-4230, (315) 423-3851. (Add 10% shipping and handling)

Report on Calvert County ARC Family Support Services. (1986). Bersani, H.A.
Outlines an agency's efforts toward family support and describes the factors that make this particular program successful. $1.95.

Individualized Family Supports and Community Living for Adults: A Case Study of a For-Profit Agency in Minnesota. (1988). Racino, J.A.
Highlights how a variety of practices - both good and poor - combine in one for-profit agency. Examines some of the organizations struggles and critical issues. $2.60.

In Support of Families. (1988). Biklen, D.
Presented at AAMR convention, Washington, D.C. Discusses Michigan's Macomb-Oakland Regional Center's family support programs by outlining specific case studies. $3.35.

Family Supports for Children with Severe Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses in Maryland. (1988). Walker, P.
Focuses on some of the positive practices in Maryland in family supports. $2.10.

Supporting Individuals within Their Families or in Homes of Their Own: The CAP-MR/DD Program in Raleigh, North Carolina. (1989). Shoultz, B.
Describes the innovative in-home services through use of the Medicaid waiver. $2.25.

Family Supports in Montana: Region III: Special Training for Exceptional People (STEP). (1989). Walker, P.
Describes Montana's specialized family care program to prevent out-of-home placement of children with special needs using the Medicaid waiver and state dollars. $2.20.

Source: Human Services Research Institute, 2336 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02140, (617) 876-0426

Family Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities: A Growing Commitment. (1985). Agosta, J.M. and Bradley, V.J. (Eds.).
Issues addressed within this report include: an overview of family needs, a historical approach to meeting the needs of families, a review of present social policy approaches to the development of family support options and recommendations based upon the project findings. Contact for price.

Family Support Services in the United States: An End of Decade Status Report. (1990). Bradley, V.J., et al.
A perspective of family support policy and services at both the state and national level. Includes a state-by-state summary of family support legislation and state funded services. Contact for price.

Available from other sources:

Working with Professionals: A Guide for Families with Special Needs. (1991).
Identifies strategies for parents of children with mental retardation to deal effectively with the professionals involved in their lives. Includes segments on resolving conflicts, a parents bill of rights and stressful periods for families. Order from South Carolina Mental Retardation Foundation, Post Office Box 4346, Columbia, S.C. 29240. Contact for price.

Directory of National Support Groups for Families and Persons with Disabilities. (1991). Rinck, C. (Ed.).
Lists interest groups and organizations geared toward specific disabilities. Each entry includes a definition of the disability and specifics about each organization. Order from UMKC Institute for Human Development, 2220 Holmes Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64108. Contact for price.

Respite Care: An Overview of Federal, Selected State, and Private Programs. (1990).
A report to the House Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families and the House Subcommittee on Select Education of the Committee on Education and Labor. Outlines the availability and nature of respite care programs in the United States and the characteristics of families who are eligible to receive respite care services. Order from United States General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C. 20548. Number GAO/HRD-90-125. Contact for price.

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