MecStat Alcohol

14-Panel HairStatSM including Fentanyl and Sufentanil

Meconium testing for Alcohol exposure to newborn

12-Panel MecStatSM including Tramadol and


Fetal exposure to drugs has been linked to long-term health problems in newborns. MecStatSM offers healthcare professionals a fast and reliable meconium drug testing method for the detection of fetal drug exposure and the opportunity to provide appropriate treatment and intervention:
  • Simple, non-invasive collection of a meconium sample eliminates the need to collect a blood or urine specimen from a newborn
  • Proprietary meconium extraction process and meconium GC/MS analysis provides up to a 20-week gestational detection window from a newborn meconium.
  • Meconium Drug Testing results in 48 hours or less for rapid healthcare treatment and planning for both mother and child.
  • Meconium Drug Testing not only provides evidence of fetal drug exposure but can also provide documentation of fetal alcohol exposure by measuring meconium concentrations of fatty acid ethyl esters, the non oxidative metabolites formed from ethanol and fatty acids.
  • Meconium testing has rapidly become the gold standard for diagnosing fetal alcohol and drug exposure.
  • Available as a 5-,7-,9-, and 12- drug panel.
  • Alcohol and oxycodone available as add-ons to any Profile.
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