FASlink Fetal Alcohol Disorders Society

Medical Conditions

Results of pre-natal alcohol exposure can include:

Attention Deficit Disorders - ADD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD

Mental Retardation

Developmental delay

Failure to thrive syndrome

Swallowing/Feeding disorders

Little or no retained memory

Severe loss of intellectual potential

Loss of intellectual functioning (IQ)

Poor adaptive skills transferring learning to new situations (AQ)

Severely compromised life skills development

Emotional maturity far below chronological age

Behavioural problems

Inability to predict consequences of actions

Extreme impulsiveness

Poor judgment

Little or no capacity for interpersonal empathy social cues

Little or no capacity for moral judgment

Highly concrete. Inability to understand abstract concepts

Tourette Syndrome traits

Reactive outbursts

Autistic traits / Asperger syndrome

Cognitive perseveration


Bi-polar disorder / Manic Depression



Sociopathic behaviour

Sleep disorders / Night terrors

Sensory integration problems

Higher than normal to dangerously high pain tolerance for major insults

Extreme sensitivity to touch, food and clothing texture and minor injuries

Developmental coordination disorder Fine and gross motor skills problems


Height and weight deficiencies

Cerebral palsy

Heart defects

Heart failure


Deafness / Hearing problems

Central auditory processing disorder

Developmental speech and language disorder

Mild to severe vision problems



Facial anomalies

Serious maxilo-facial deformities

Cleft palate

Dental abnormalities

Immune system malfunctioning


Complex seizure disorder



Tight hamstrings


Slack muscles

Genital deformities


Precocious puberty

Kidney failure

Kidney and liver defects

Hip deformities

Underdeveloped fingers

Shortened and bent little finger

Spinal dimple

Hair growth on back of neck Pigeon chest Concave chest
Acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL) and acute nonlymphoid leukemia (ANLL)