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FASlink is funded through voluntary donations. We depend on you for being able to continue our services. To assure our editorial integrity and independence, FASlink does NOT accept any funding from the beverage alcohol industry. The following are some of the ways you can provide financial support.

FASlink Collection (Downloadable)
FASlink CD

The FASlink Collection - Available as a downloadable file as a Thank You for a donation of $20.00 or more. Contains more than 70 key articles and presentations, is an ideal medical, educational, behavioural, social service and justice resource for families and professionals who deal with FASD issues.

Monthly Subscription Support

We rely on donations to keep this work going. Please give generously.

Lake Huron ($15.00) - Music by Bruce Ritchie

Bruce Ritchie's easy listening Lake Huron music CD is another fundraiser for FASlink. All proceeds support FASlink. Listen to samples. The CD contains 15 new, original pieces and 8 old favourites. Some day this CD could become a collectors' item, hopefully. Multitrack instrumental with a couple of narratives. No singing.

Carillons - Lest We Forget ($20.00) - Peformed by Bruce Ritchie

This is an audio CD to be used on a normal CD player. The notes you hear were digitally sampled from the Parliament of Canada, Peace Tower Carillons and applied to an electronic keyboard. Bruce Ritchie then recorded 37 of the pieces on this CD. Four of the 41 pieces were recorded at other carillons.

A computer version is available to be used on a computer driving an amplifier which, in turn, drives speakers in a church or City Hall bell tower. That CD also includes the "Westminster Chimes" to mark the quarter hours, with the hours being marked by the appropriate number of "bongs".

Cheques, Money Orders, etc.

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Send Funds by E-mail to:

All Canadian banks, most USA banks and PayPal can now permit you to send money to anyone by E-mail. If you have a bank card and/or bank online, you can securely send money to anyone by E-mail who also banks online, even with a different bank. The recipient does not receive ANY confidential information, only a hyperlink to click on to complete the transaction.

Bank Transfers

FASlink Bank Account: 763720002488

2448 Hamilton Road
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Bank Address:
The Bank of Nova Scotia
531 Waterworks Sideroad, P.O. Box 150
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