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Physical Abnormalities

FAS Physical Abnormalities

Studies by Prof.Dr.med. Hermann Löser from the University Children's Clinic, Münster, Germany. He has followed hundreds of FAS children for over 20 years. His results are in "Ratgeber zur Alkoholembryopathie" published by Lambertus Verlag Freiberg.

98% are under normal height and weight
84% Microcephalic
89% Mental and Motor Retardation
80% Speech impediments
20% Hearing problems
20% Swallowing/Feeding problems
72% Hyperactive
58% Slack muscles
20% Autism/Aggressive/Social Problems
95% Facial anomalies
29% Heart defects
10% Kidney defects
46% Genital deformities
25% Eye problems
16% Bent crooked little finger
51% Shortened and bent little finger
13% Underdeveloped fingers
9% Hip deformities
16% Small teeth
30% Pigeon Chest
7% Concave chest
7% Cleft palate
44% Spinal dimple
12% Hernia
35% Hair growth on back of neck